Super-sewer approved for London

A project to build an extra large sewer which will run for some 16 miles (25km) beneath London and the River Thames, was given the official go ahead this month. It aims to stop the 39 million tonnes of raw sewage which floats into the Thames each year from the incumbent overloaded, Victorian era system…
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Monthly Mortgage Update – Dec 2014

In this feature, we provide a broad overview of the mortgage market – essential reading for anyone looking to buy a property or operating commercially in the property market. According to the Money Charity, outstanding secured (on dwellings) lending in … Continue reading

Tortious claims of conspiracy, interference with goods, negligence and misfeasance in public office settled in the High Court as unlawfully evicted tenant receives justice at last

Ref. AA v London Borough of Southwark [2014] EWHC 500 (QB)
In this case, a tenant had been the legal occupant of a flat since 2001. He paid the rent predominantly from housing benefit, with the shortfall made up from his own funds and, throughout his tenancy the tenant had been in arrears, amounting to £2,353.26 at the time of eviction. In the action of processing his eviction, Southwark made a number of mistakes which ultimately resulted in unlawful eviction, unlawful destruction of goods and over a year of unwarranted homelessness…
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Neglect tenants at your peril – Landlord fined £30k after leaving tenants with no heat for four weeks

A rogue landlord has been fined more than £30,000 to reflect the serious “physical and mental hardship” endured by five tenants under his duty of care. The message laid down by Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court is clear; ignoring serious, reasonable pleas from your tenants will result in council intervention and a hefty bill…
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Number of manhole explosions rises by more than 250% since 2010

The number of serious manhole explosions across Britain has seen a staggering increase of more than 250% since 2010, with the south east of England being the worst effected.
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10 Questions on Chancel Tax
All you need to know on chancel tax and how it could effect you
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Brown Field Land – National Grid Releases Unused Brown Field Land For Development

The National Grid has announced a joint venture with Berkeleys Groups Holdings Plc which is a British house building company originally founded by Tony Pidgeley back in 1976 as Berkeley Homes.

The company which is now listed as a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

The unsightly infrastructure in such no longer used sections of the National Grid such as unwanted gasometers that do blight Britain’s sky line will be pulled down and the land itself will be used by Berkeley Group for redevelopment in a joint venture.

This joint venture is effectively with the house building skills of Berkeley Group which happens to be at currently in April 2014 won the Queen’s Award to sustainable development for a second year whilst the National Grid are effectively providing the upfront raw material costs which so often makes material costs.

As a consequence, the joint venture will not Untitled1111have to actually pay for the intrinsic land costs of its developments until the properties are sold thereby making an attractive way for Berkeley Group to develop properties and develop quality properties and sell then whilst the attraction for the National Grid is that the National Grid will be achieving its fair proportion of its realisable value of the value of its land.

The joint venture is to be St William Homes and is to be concentrated on sites in London and the South East of England.

There is currently a book value attached to the land in question of some £500 million. The potential to release the land at its highest market value will no doubt assist with maximising the asset value and help maximise return for both companies.

We understand that some 7,000 homes of an assorted type are to be in addition to associated infrastructure building such as schools and similar are likely to be built in the first phases of the joint venture investments.

Rob Perrins, Managing Director of Berkekeys said “this is good news for house building. St William will take these redundant sites and turn them into new communities.”

The National Grid and Berkeley will each own 50% of the equity in St William and the funding for the development will be funded through a combination of both shareholder equity and bank funding and making certain that the debt ratio is no more than 50%. The phases of work are likely to be finalised over the forthcoming year with wide scale work starting on the first sites probably very early 2016 with homes being completed and physically released to the market approximately 12 months later.


Northern transport links to be overhauled as Cameron pledges backing to HS3, despite continued resistance to HS2

The subject of whether HS2 has been and will be a viable, beneficial project is ongoing and vociferous. We have written on the matter before; exploring a comparison between modern day and Victorian era infrastructure investments and looking at the possible impact on flooding in the context of the devastating floods of last winter. The introduction of outline plans for HS3, however, looks set to further complicate the debate…
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Government announce £23m boost to Neighbourhood Planning – But would you get involved?

Ministers on 31st October announced a further £23m of funding to aid take up and delivery of neighbourhood plans (NDPs) which, once established, become a planning consideration for councils in determining applications. With only 33 plans currently in operation, the hope is that extra funding can finally push NDPs into becoming an influential part of the planning system, not a side note…
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