Trees in the news – ruining gardens, damaging houses and wasting taxpayers’ money.

In Edenthorpe in South Yorkshire, the Tesco Store has some tall trees on its border with neighbouring houses, which have grown so large that the roots have invaded the gardens. Elsewhere, a conservatory had to be rebuilt after a protected oak tree’s roots undermined it.
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Is our green countryside being sacrificed for new housing?

There is a huge debate between those who think that the country does not have enough housing, and those who believe that our countryside should be protected.
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Court of Appeal confirms position on ‘switching’ planning permissions to avoid S. 106

R (Robert Hitchins Ltd) v Worcestershire County Council [2015] EWCA Civ 1060
The Court of Appeal has found in favour of a developer who attempted to switch between two similar planning permissions in order to avoid a £1m s. 106 liability. The result is a strong precedent for other developers with the same advantage…
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