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image of clay tiles on a house roof
house build defects

October 2021 Property Surveying Newsletter

In this month's Property Surveying Newsletter ... we look at why you need a Building ...
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Beautiful historic building spoiled with the addition of a double glazed bathroom window

October 2021 Property Surveying market fact file

Our monthly Property Surveying summary of property market news, survey data, statistics, trends and information ...
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Scales of justice above law courts

Judge rules on doorbell privacy row

A ruling on the unjustifiable invasion of privacy could have implications for home security devices ...
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New houses roofs planning reforms

Planning reforms under review

The proposed planning reforms announced a year ago are officially being reviewed. In his speech ...
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London skyline

How to pay no stamp duty at all

Here's a good wheeze. Instead of buying a townhouse property in Harcourt Street, Marylebone, for ...
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fire damaged building

Surveyor’s Guide to Building Reinstatement Valuations

Homeowners, management companies and managing agents of any type of property have the responsibility for ...
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Pensioners in retirement

Beware risks of retirement funded by property

It's not difficult to understand why people are attracted to property investment to provide income ...
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property selling boards outside property for sale

Would setting fire to your property help?

In the sellers’ market we have today, you would probably expect to be in a ...
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yacht to access community pub building

Pub may be saved from extinction !

If you want to nip to the pub in Inverie, on Scotland's Knoydart Peninsula in ...
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council investment in buying property

Council advanced £151 million to billionaire buying property

Warrington Borough Council's audit and finance committee reported in July that it had advanced over ...
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sold houses

Housing market battlefield for new landlords

The price of buying property has rocketed in recent times, and lenders are lacking in ...
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old brickwork

September 2021 Property Surveying Newsletter

In this month's Property Surveying Newsletter ... we discover how a property was sold fraudulently ...
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