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staircase traditional property

May 2022 Property Surveying Newsletter

In this month's Property Surveying Newsletter ... we discuss the implication of the Queen's Speech, ...
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door to your new home

May 2022 Property Surveying market fact file

Our monthly Property Surveying summary of property market news, survey data, statistics, trends and information ...
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New houses housing market stamp duty

Property ownership struggles predicted

This month, interest rates rose to a 13-year high of 1%, as the Bank of ...
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rental home survey

Sex for rent – at last!

A staggering 30,000 female private property renters in the UK have been offered a rent-free ...
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surveyors guide to domestic lift in the home

Surveyors guide to the domestic lift

A domestic lift provides homeowners with the means to effortlessly travel between floors and are ...
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house for sale board

POA property adverts banned

National Trading Standards has deemed the use of the term "price on application" (POA) in ...
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chandelier in apartment

Summary of Queen’s Speech and how it affects the property market

The announcements made by Prince Charles in the Queen's Speech this month included several matters ...
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cracks in walls neighbouring property

Essential repairs and property maintenance – trespass or not?

Going on to your neighbour's land is sometimes necessary to carry out essential repairs to ...
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blue plaque scheme

The blue plaque scheme who, what, why and where

You may be familiar with the sight of "blue plaques" on properties, but have you ...
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Building Safety Act now in force 2022

Building Safety Act now in force

The Building Safety Act, which overhauls building safety regulation after the Grenfell Tower fire, came ...
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floor boards creak in house

Tired of losing sleep every time the teenager sneaks home after midnight? How to fix a squeaky floorboard

There are many reasons that you, Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy might want to ...
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Plumbing at Dunster Castle, Somerset

Surveyor’s Guide to: Dry Rot in the home

Dry rot is something of a misnomer and you may easily be mistaken in thinking ...
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