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The End of the Recession is Nigh!

The economic forecasting group Ernst and Young Item Club has reported today that not only are we officially out of recession, but that the next decade is likely to see a period of slow growth which will see a period of adjustment.  They report that there will be a greater reliance on the world economy, with especial regard to the rate of growth in the Export sector as the worlds economy expands levels of trade by an estimated 23% over the next three years. To read more click here.

The UK Property Market Outlook 2010

Historically, the stockmarket has always shown a good spurt of growth between 6 months and 24 months before the majority of the UK economy and the Housing Market moves forward once again.  The financial markets have been moving generally upwards since January 2009.  To read more click here.

The Marine and Coastal Access Act, 2009

The Marine and Coastal Access Act places a duty on the Secretary of State to make, where such access does not already exist, a continuous route open to the public next to the coast all the way around the coast of England and Wales.  This could have big implications on a few properties next to our coast.  To read the full article, click here.

Hips to be Scrapped ?

The housing spokesman for the Conservative Party, Grant Shapps, has said that they would scrap the Home Information Packs (HIPs) “in a matter of weeks” after coming to power.   He has said that it would be his first job should the Conservative party win the next general election.  To read the full article, click here.

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