The Local Government Association reveals that the number of unbuilt homes with planning permission hits record levels

Around 475,000 are yet to be built despite having planning permission, resulting in record figures which are 25% higher than they were just five years ago.
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District Council brings legal challenge after planning refusal is overturned

Cherwell District Council, Oxfordshire, will seek legal challenge after their original decision not to grant permission for a 54 home development in Hook Norton was overturned by the Secretary of State’s Inspector on appeal…
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2015 – Planning Law Focus

A look back on some of 2015’s biggest property law cases and legislation
Another year has passed us by and case and statute law have both continued to evolve the planning process and the property industry landscape throughout the year. We look back on some of the more significant changes that will affect all of us in the industry, moving forward into 2016…
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Kensington property owner subject to s. 215 notice after painting house in red and white

Ref. Lisle-Mainwaring & Anor v Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea [2015] EWHC 2015
A property owner who painted her estimated £15m house in Kensington with red and white stripes, has become the subject of a s. 215 notice and will be forced by Hammersmith Magistrates Court to return it to plain white…
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Government support for devastating floods in Cumbria and Lancs to reach over £60 million

After devastating floods hit Cumbria and Lancs earlier this month, the government has pledged over £60 million to support households and businesses that were affected.
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Court of Appeal confirms position on ‘switching’ planning permissions to avoid S. 106

R (Robert Hitchins Ltd) v Worcestershire County Council [2015] EWCA Civ 1060
The Court of Appeal has found in favour of a developer who attempted to switch between two similar planning permissions in order to avoid a £1m s. 106 liability. The result is a strong precedent for other developers with the same advantage…
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Council billed £40,000 for mother and child human rights breaches

Ref. Medway Council v M & T (By Her Children’s Guardian) [2015] EWFC B164
Following established breaches under the Human Rights Act 1998, Medway Council have been ordered to pay damages of £20,000 to mother and child respectively. Her Honour Judge Lazarus commented that there had been an ‘alarming history’ of the unlawful accommodation of the girl by the authority for a period exceeding two years.

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High Court adjourns proceedings in long running straw bales planning case

Ref. Fidler v Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government (2009)
A famous case of concealment from the planning authority has hit the High Court again, with proceedings for contempt of court now being heard. The case, which concerned a wall of bales erected to hide an elaborate mock-Tudor house with crenelated towers, is commonly cited in planning law…

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Brandon Lewis announces new measures to crack down on the fight against rogue landlords

An announcement by Housing Minister Brandon Lewis earlier this month has outlined new measures in a bid to crack down on rogue landlords, trapping tenants in unsafe, overcrowded properties…
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