September 2023 Property Surveying Newsletter

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In this month’s Property Surveying Newsletter … we look at the new garden thug, discuss the implications of failing to seek planning permission, and ask whether there should be a ULEZ for housing

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Nimby neighbours (allegedly) block couple from wine society

The Ridgeway (Oxshott) Management Company (RO) sought to prevent Emma and Terence McGuinness from replacing their four bedroom single property with two separate dwellings on the same plot.

cracks in walls neighbouring property


Surveyors guide to garden walls and building regulations

Many local councils have restrictions on the height of garden walls, although in most cases walls that do not form part of the house or an extension are unlikely to be the remit of Building Regulations. One exception to this general rule, however, is when the wall provides support to the foundations of a building.

New fire safety rules for all holiday let property

New rules for fire safety compliance in holiday let property come into effect from 1st October 2023, which include home owners and landlords letting out a spare room. The rules follow government guidance on fire safety issued in March by the Home Office, and affect all “small paying guest accommodation” properties, including those promoted through AirBnB and other booking platforms.

house plans for property under construction planning permission

What happens if I fail to seek planning permission?

You will usually need to apply for planning permission when developing land or a building (including changing its use). Development that is carried out without obtaining planning permission is known as ‘unauthorised development’, and can potentially result in an expensive outcome.

Bamboo a garden thug to rival Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is a garden monster, but gardeners may be unaware of the potential consequences of planting bamboo into the ground.

sustainable urban drainage system

Sustainable drainage systems and the law

As a result of factors including urbanisation, climate change and increased house building, flooding is becoming a more regular occurrence in the UK. As a result, the government is looking at ways to mitigate the risk of flooding.

Air pollution, housing and ULEZ

Road users around the UK will be familiar with ULEZ and the growing range of other acronyms concerning clean air zones. But should we consider a similar scheme for house building?

Overseas politics on the streets of London

The arrest and imprisonment of former Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has raised concerns over the UK’s seemingly worldwide status as a haven for political elites and their wealth. Two luxurious properties located near Hyde Park have proved a focal point of the issue.

And finally …

invasion of the giant house spider in the home

The invasion begins!

Love them or hate them, it’s that time of year again – the nation’s homes are about to be invaded by Eratigena Atrica (giant house spiders) which come into our homes seeking a partner for mating season.

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