January 2022 Property Surveying Newsletter

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In this month’s Property Surveying Newsletter … we look at fraudulent home sales, ponder life 100 years after the 1921 census and wonder whether we should be more wary of DIY

The Property Market Monthly Fact File

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Inconsistencies prevent fraudulent sale of home

A few inconsistencies were all that stood between a home owner and the fraudulent sale of her home. It was only when the freeholder of her property told the home owner that someone had tried to sell it, that she discovered that fraudsters had infiltrated her life.

Gove seeks ‘just deal for industry, leaseholders and the taxpayer’

The housing secretary, Michael Gove, has confirmed that firms have until March to agree how they will help leaseholders living in buildings higher than 11 metres – but does the plan go far enough?

renters reform bill

Renters Reform Bill

The Renters’ Reform Bill, due to be published in 2022, could bring more changes to the rules on eviction now that landlords can legally evict tenants.

Census survey reveals hard times after pandemic and war

Census records are normally taken every ten years and remain closed for 100 years before they are opened to the public, but the recently published 1921 census survey, taken at a time of economic turmoil between the first and second world wars as the country was recovering from a global pandemic, is of particular importance.

Telford home buyers get 40% discount

The government’s First Homes scheme is being used to offer a discount to first time buyers in England, to help them get on the property ladder.

End of cuddly toy incentives for new home insurance policies?

Since 1st January 2022, people buying motor and home insurance policies in the UK will no longer be charged any more than they would have been, had they been a new customer.

electric car charger in the home

Car chargers – and the high price of going green

All new homes and buildings in England must have an electric car charger, the government says, as it aims to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030. However, the cost of upgrading an electricity supply where it is needed to retrofit an electric car charger, can be steep.

Ghost town created after RAF move out

A ghost town has been created, after after the Ministry of Defence closed its RAF base, leaving housing estate in a village near York abandoned.

air source heat pump at family home

Energy bills – heat pumps that CAN replace gas boilers?

As gas shortages and price increases on energy bills loom, going green has become even more of a priority for home owners and businesses. Now, a new air source heat pump promises to produce as much heat as your old gas boiler.

And finally …

When and how NOT to tackle a DIY project!

Home improvements are often left for the property professional and, for many people, any DIY project can be something of a daunting prospect. Plumbing, electrics and plastering are likely to be beyond most home owners but, with time on its hands during the Covid pandemic lockdowns, the nation has turned to home improvements, resulting in thousands of household injuries and admissions to hospital …

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