December 2021 Property Surveying Newsletter

Christmas property surveying

In this month’s Property Surveying Newsletter … we look at a widow’s battle over the estate of her husband, consider the woes of the UK’s largest online estate agent and spare a thought for Santa …

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Widow fights ‘cruel and greedy children’ over estate

A High Court battle is underway between a widow and her daughter and two stepchildren, following the death of a renowned historian and expert on the Middle East. When he died in 2015, he left a six bedroom property in London, now valued at £3.5 million, as well as an art collection.

sign Purplebricks online estate agent

Online estate agent facing compensation claims

The failure to properly serve legal documents on behalf of landlords has left Purplebricks open to potential compensation claims. Since its set up in 2012, the company has failed to provide tenants with the legally required documents that explain how their deposit has been put into the national protection scheme.

Conveyancing firm blames recent cyber breach for months of poor service

A conveyancing firm with the ambition to ‘simplify moving’ has left property purchasers uninformed or abandoned. A cyber security incident has been blamed for property deals breaking down, leaving some of the company’s customers homeless, but its customers say the problems began long before any security breach.

substantial property

Who benefits most from house price rises?

A recent study has concluded that the rich have benefited most from the house price boom, in particular Londoners. Research by the Resolution Foundation and Abrdn Financial Fairness Trust has concluded that household wealth in the UK has increased substantially due to house price growth and the high number of homes in private ownership.

House prices still confounding predictions

House prices rose across the UK in November, confounding predictions that the housing market would cool off over the winter period. A monthly rise of 0.9% meant annual house price rises reach 10% year on year, despite the stamp duty tax holiday ending in October.

Gove reviews housing targets

As Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities and Minister for Intergovernmental Relations, Michael Gove is reviewing the issues he has inherited, including housing targets.

Large property in Dartmouth, Devon

Would you take cash to downsize your home?

One of the pressures on local housing stock is the lack of incentive for people living in larger homes to move into a smaller property. This failure to downsize can be blamed on the difficulty, stress or cost of finding a suitable alternative but the log jam at the top of the market results in those at the bottom unable to vacate their smaller home.

And finally …

In case you missed it – A Christmas guide to different types of chimney and how they might stop you from receiving your Christmas presents

With Christmas just a couple of weeks away, families will soon find themselves searching for turkeys, fixing broken fairy lights and using endless amounts of sellotape to wrap endless amounts of gifts. But does anyone stop and spare a thought for Santa Claus?

Chritmas Greetings from property surveying

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