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In this month’s Property Surveying Newsletter … we look at the stamp duty race, discuss planning law changes and wonder whether that clifftop house will ever be completed

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Can I beat the stamp duty holiday deadline?

Only six weeks to go … so is there anything you can do to get to the house purchase finishing line before the end of the stamp duty holiday?

Planning laws should protect ‘growth, heritage and environment’

The National Trust has urged the government to use its planning reforms as an opportunity to improve communities and ensure any changes are good for ‘growth, heritage and environment’.

City of London converts offices to houses

As the UK experiences a seismic shift in long-term working patterns, thanks to the pandemic, the City of London is looking to create more homes in place of empty office buildings.

Fireplace in the homeHome fuel burning restrictions come into force

The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuel Standards)(England) Regulations 2020 have come into force, changing the way we use ‘wet’ wood and house coal within our homes.

Housing Ombudsman investigates damp and mould

Severe damp and mould can be life threatening, particularly for those with respiratory problems or the vulnerable or very young. With most complaints over damp and mould ‘not dealt with properly’ in the first instance by the landlord, the Housing Ombudsman is investigating ways of improving the current system.

Home heating – blue hydrogen, green hydrogen or heat pumps?

Gas boilers are under pressure, with installations into new build properties banned from 2025 and net-zero carbon emission targets set for the middle of this century. But with a domestic gas market worth £28 billion a year – what are the alternatives?

And finally …

‘Saddest ever’ house build may actually be completed in 2021! (may)

Remember the enormous, modernist ‘lighthouse’ that was built to replace a family’s cliff-top home? The one that after ten years of being followed by Grand Designs was not completed, leaving the parents separated and in millions of pounds of debt? Well it may finally become a home this year.

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