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image of clay tiles on a house roof
New year, new home? Ask an independent Chartered Surveyor for a building survey

January 2022 Property Surveying Newsletter

In this month's Property Surveying Newsletter ... we look at fraudulent home sales, ponder life ...
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Large property in Dartmouth, Devon

January 2022 Property Surveying market fact file

Our monthly Property Surveying summary of property market news, survey data, statistics, trends and information ...
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Lasting Power of Attorney used to attempt fraudulent property sale

Inconsistencies prevent fraudulent sale of home

A few inconsistencies were all it took for a property owner to prevent the fraudulent ...
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London skyline high rise buildings with cladding

Gove seeks ‘just deal for industry, leaseholders and the taxpayer’

The housing secretary, Michael Gove, has confirmed that firms have until March to agree how ...
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renters reform bill

Renters Reform Bill

The Renters’ Reform Bill, due to be published in 2022, could bring more changes to ...
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Bromley-by-Bow Gasholders, London

Energy bills – heat pumps that CAN replace gas boilers?

Gas shortages and a looming price increase on energy bills has made going green even ...
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census of uk households

Census survey reveals hard times after pandemic and war

The 1921 census survey, taken on 19th June, was a survey of 38 million people ...
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houses and properties sold at discount

Telford home buyers get 40% discount

The government's First Homes scheme is being used to offer a discount to first time ...
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incentives for home insurance

End of cuddly toy incentives for new home insurance policies?

Since 1st January 2022, people buying motor and home insurance policies in the UK will ...
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electric car charger in the home

Car chargers – the high price of going green

All new homes and buildings in England must have electric car chargers, the government says, ...
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Old stone steps leading to house and home

Ghost town created after RAF move out

A ghost town has been created, after the Ministry of Defence closed its RAF base, ...
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house drain blocked with root growth DIY project

When and how NOT to tackle a DIY project!

Home improvements are often left for the property professional and, for many people, any DIY ...
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