Market Comment December 2009

The latest press announcements by the Bank of England and the RICS suggest that House prices in England and Wales are generally continuing to rise in certain areas often fuelled by a lack of supply.  The local Independent Chartered Surveyors with report a varied market with London bolstored by both big bonuses from the city as well as foreign net investment.  Our surveyors indicate a difference in demand in locations around the provinces whereas in London , the network surveyors demand is still strong with some agents very busy.  A consistent demand has been reported by the westcountry contingent, and along the south coast.  Enquiries are coming in for along the south coast in Hampshire and in Sussex . 

In the deep west, Cornwall and Devon are benefitting from consistent demand with Dorset and Somerset also reporting a healthy number of transactions taking place helped by the net migration to the area. 

In the Gloucestershire and Welsh Border Country, enquiries are in less depth but a number of transactions are taking place with demand good in places like Ross on Wye, Stratford upon Avon, and parts of the Birmingham and West Midlands connurbation such as Wolverhampton and Telford

Soundings from other surveyors of our network of Independent Chartered Surveyors will be placed here over the next few days.