Need a building survey in or around Llantwit Major?

If you need a building survey, commercial or residential, in the Llantwit Major area, the Right Surveyors Glamorgan will be happy to provide it for you. Its new Director, Keith Batten FRICS, has a huge amount of experience totalling 30 years in the surveying profession, is a fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and has lived and worked in South Wales all his days. All of which makes him the perfect local, independent surveyor to carry out building surveys and professional work of any kind in and around Llantwit Major.

If you have a property you need surveyed, a party wall issue or a need for an independent expert witness, give Keith a call. Follow this link to the Llantwit Major website and his details.

To find out more about the Right Surveyors as a whole, go to this link and see how they can help you.