Plymouth’s new ‘garden city’ gets the go ahead. – A new development in the Sherford valley has received the go ahead after years of protests and planning struggles.

The plans to build 5,500 homes on the east side of Plymouth come from developer Redwood and have now been approved by the South Hams District Council. All is not lost for protestors, however, as the planning submission must still be approved by plymouth City Council.

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Solar Feed-in-Tariffs cut drastically in Government review

As of 31st October 2011, the Government has announced that they will be slashing Feed-in-Tariffs for domestic solar installations. Government Ministers have emphasised the need to stay within the allotted budget in the face of falling solar costs, but critics are foreseeing a sharp contraction of demand and an end to free solar financing schemes and social housing projects.

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A guide to Fire Safety in the workplace

Following the blaze at the Old Marconi House building in the Strand, London, fire safety in the workplace has reminded employers, solicitors and property managers and owners to establish what you could, should and must be doing in your workplace or a building for which you are responsible so the occupiers stay safe.


Asbestos an ever-present issue as Southampton firm convicted over fibre exposure

The sentencing of a major Southampton contracting firm reaches its end, punishing the needless exposure of four workers to potentially damaging levels of asbestos fibres.

After the exposure of four workers to potentially damaging levels of asbestos fibres, a major Southampton contracting firm has…

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Chartered Surveyor Help ?

An interesting article explaining some of the ways an Independent Chartered Surveyor may be able to help you has been written by a member of the team.  This lists the work undertaken from building surveys to valuation work as well as the less common party wall, expert witness, retrospective valuations and other related work undertaken by multi discipline professional independent chartered surveyors. Read more here