No change in Houseprices reports Nationwide.

The Nationwide Building Society Survey of house prices on a monthly basis has been released today.


It reports that prices fell to record no change in prices over the three month indicator. 


Martin Gahbauer, Nationwide’s Chief Economist reports that “Houseprices fell by 0.9% month-on-month (m/m) in August, following a decline of 0.5% m/m in July. This is the first time since February 2009 that house prices have fallen in two consecutive months. The 3 month on 3 month rate of change – generally a smoother indicator of the recent price trend – fell from 1.2% in July to 0.0% in August, suggesting that house prices have essentially stagnated over the summer.”

The main holiday period (late July and August) is traditionally a slightly quieter time within the property market and it will be interesting to note the next two months figures which will give a better indication of the direction of the market over the Autumn period.

02nd September, 2010

‘Alien’ Weeds – how non-native plants can damage our property and harm our environment.

Throughout history, explorers have brought strange and exotic plants back to the UK from foreign lands. Most of these grow happily and disturb no one. However, some grow so vigorously that they force back other plants, i.e. our native ones, and cause damage to buildings. If these invasive plants are allowed to proliferate, our native eco-systems are under threat, so they must be controlled. Developers and builders have strict regulations to follow to ensure that these plants are not present when building properties.

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Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Buildings Regulations soon to be Law

The newly published part J Approved Document (AD J) of the Building Regulations takes effect on 1st October in England and Wales.
The building regulations will require a CO alarm to be fitted in each room of a property or building as a new or replacement fixed solid fuel, gas or oil heating appliance.
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New Homes Bonus Scheme to aid housing shortage

New proposals by the Coalition Government will give local councils in England extra money for all new homes built.
Under the New Homes Bonus Scheme, announced by Housing Minister Grant Shapps, a grant equivalent to the council tax for each new home will be paid to the councils for the next 6 years. The councils will be able to decide how to spend the money.

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Save Money in Your Garden or with an Allotment

Get healthy with your kids and create a Vegetable Patch in your Garden.

Research by such bodies as the National Trust encourages homeowners and others to get hold of an allotment or start a Vegetable Patch in the garden.

More than half the children in the poll would be more willing to eat vegetables if they had grown them themselves. Nearly ¾ of children would like to have their own growing space in the garden.

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Saving money with Household Waste Water

In times of drought, or if a house is on a water meter, it is possible to save water with the use of “Grey Water” in the garden.

Grey water is simply recycled water from the home that has already been used, but is not so contaminated that it will cause damage to plants and other areas of the garden if used as part of the garden watering process.

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