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Parquet floor – A decorative wood-block flooring of hardwood from different types of tree, arranged in geometrical patterns. Traditional parquet in panels is secret-nailed to thin battens on a wood sub-floor and polished after laying.

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10 Questions on…..Hedgerow Regulations.

The existing Hedgerow regulations came in to force on 1 June 1997 and were created with the intent of protecting important countryside hedges from damage and destruction. The regulations are extremely complicated so we have put together a few often-asked questions that help to explain different aspects of the regulations and how they might affect you, your property and the risk of legal action.

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The Corporate Manslaughter Act – Construction Death Conviction

Construction company convicted for the death of a geologist, killed in a collapsed trench, and fined £385,000 under new legislation.

On the 15th February 2011 the first conviction under the Corporate Manslaughter Act of 2007 reached its completion. The case saw Gloucestershire-based firm Cotswold Geotechnical Holdings convicted for the death of Alex Wright, a 27 year-old geologist killed in a collapsed trench site near Stroud. The company was deemed to have allowed the geologist to work in a dangerously unsecured deep trench and was fined, three days later, the sum of £385,000.

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Britain’s countryside to be blighted by 300 miles of Electricity Pylons

300 miles of pylons planned to link nuclear power stations and sprawling wind farms into the national grid threaten the peace and tranquillity of the English countryside.

The revised National Policy Statement issued by the Department for Energy and Climate Change in October 2010 did not take a strong stand on over-ground energy pylons. Consequently, countryside areas all over the UK are now faced with the prospect of over 300 new miles of high-voltage power lines and the 150ft metal frames that accompany them.

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Loo with a view goes for £104,000!

Tuesday this week saw a bidding war take place between 10 eager gents as each made a mad dash for a decommissioned public toilet. Some went expecting only to pay a penny, but Cawston builder Nick Willan came away £104,000 lighter, having paid £74,000 more than the guide price. Reports indicate that the rest seemed exceptionally uncomfortable at the result.

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