New report reveals extent of ‘underused homes’

A study by the Intergenerational Foundation has suggested that the housing crisis is being severely compounded by ‘underused homes’, with their co-founder reputedly suggesting that ‘empty nesters’ should be ‘encouraged’ through a new land tax to downsize. The report represents a new, a controversial, angle in the argument on how to solve Britain’s property problem.

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Cost of third bedroom now at £60,000

New research from HSBC has indicated that the cost of providing suitable housing for a third child in the UK, ie. purchasing a three bedroom property,  is just under £60,000. This figure constitutes a 38% increase in price from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom property.

The same figures help illustrate that the extra cost of a third bedroom represents 1.6 times the average annual household income for the nation.

Bruno Genovese, head of savings at HSB, is reported to have said:

“[Having a] second child seems to be catalyst for many families moving to a larger home, which is often the largest financial outlay they will ever undertake.”

The figures suggest that careful financial planning is advisory,  to ensure that finances are in place to handle the costs involved in raising a family.

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Accelerating the release of Public Land – New document released

A summary report has been released detailing the acceleration of the release of public land into the hands of the private sector. The report includes further details on the ‘Build now, pay later’ scheme and is part of a wider Government effort to stimulate growth and create jobs.

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Judge rules Leasehold Service Charges covered by Consumer Protection Laws

Case Reference: Levitt v London Borough of Camden

A new case concerning a hot water system disagreement between leaseholder and freeholder in an apartment in the London Borough of Camden, has reached an important conclusion: a ruling that the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations apply to the service charge provisions of long leases. The decision in the present case could be determinative of contribution obligations if similar cases arise elsewhere under similar leases.

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Japanese Knotweed – Your guide to identifying and dealing with this silent invader

A recent outbreak that led to the demolition of a £300,000 house has highlighted the damaging effects of Japanese Knotweed, Britain’s most invasive non-native plant. Most people don’t even know it exists until it appears in their living room, but with growth rates of up to 4inches a day and paying little attention to the small matter of walls, this plant can be deadly to properties all over Britain.

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