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We are fully qualified Valuation and Buildings Surveyors and Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, with a wealth of property knowledge of the London Borough of Barnet and the surrounding area. We carry out all building survey types of residential property and commercial property and have extensive local experience of pre-purchase and house purchase surveys.

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We will provide you with no obligation initial property advice. Most other Chartered Surveying services can be provided including matrimonial valuations and probate valuations.

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The London Borough of Barnet has a population of 379,700 and covers and area of 33 sq mi, making it the second largest (by population) borough in the county. When formed in 1965, the joint committee of councils couldn't decide on a name for the new borough. It was Keith Joseph, the Minister of Housing and Local Government, who eventually chose Barnet, which is derived from the Old English Baernet meaning "land cleared by burning.

Large brick property, near the London Borough of Barnet
Large brick property, near the London Borough of Barnet

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