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Our primary service to property buyers and investors is the RICS HomeBuyer report - a fresh, user-friendly design, we provide a comprehensive, investigative report that is both readable and understandable.

Instructing a HomeBuyers Survey may enable you to drive down the purchase price dramatically or give you some room for negotiation.

Advice to trust!

Property valuation is often described as a mixture of a science and an art. A good valuer combines the 'science' aspect - which usually involves the analysis of comparables of a similar type, size and tenure - with the 'art' of adjusting the value to suit the exact characteristics of the subject property. The overall process can mean analysis of cost information and possible development values.

Surveyor and Valuer

As a chartered surveyor and registered valuer, Right Surveyors Clapham provides RICS HomeBuyer reports for purchasers of property across Clapham. This type of report details the condition and value of what you're buying.

Alternatively, visit our website at for more information on our specialist surveyors and their products and services.

Who will I deal with?

Meet Clapham's chartered surveyor...

"I have many years experience in helping clients with property issues. By focusing on just the RICS HomeBuyer report and independent valuations, I can provide a competent and thorough service to all my clients.

"As a result of my in-depth knowledge of Clapham as a valuer, many of my clients knock thousands off the price of their property and all end up with a strong understanding of their new investment."

For friendly advice without obligation, please call Right Surveyors Clapham on 0800 880 6024.

Our Services

Right Surveyors Clapham is an RICS regulated firm of chartered building surveyors. It offers pre-purchase surveys and specialist building surveys and valuations for property buyers, sellers and owners.

Whilst estate agents are often used for property 'valuations' of sorts, it should be remembered that they are providing a figure which they think would be worth trying on the market. This is often on the high side, as their commission is a percentange of that figure. Contrastingly, an independent Chartered Surveyor provides an accurate assessment of 'market value' - being the price it should actually change hands for. This is a much more useful figure, be it for private purposes, or for probation, taxation or statutory purposes.

Building Surveys

Property Valuations

The RICS HomeBuyer report covers all the major defects found in British property. That includes timber decay, structural movement, damp problems and cracking, as well as any other issues or concerns.
If we think there's a problem which is potentially serious, we'll cover it in the report or recommend a specialist for you to speak with. Visit our website at for more detailed information.
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Did you know?

Clapham - known as Clopeham in the Domesday Book - once had a watermill and a church. The mill on the River Great Ouse has long since vanished, but the Church of St Thomas a Becket still stands as a Grade I listed building, albeit much rebuilt since its Saxon origins. Nearby RAF Twinwood was the place where Glenn Miller took off before his disappearance in 1944.

Not local?

We only cover Clapham and Bedfordshire, but our network's fully qualified, RICS regulated chartered surveyors cover the whole of England and Wales. Click the button below to find your nearest practice.

Alternatively, give the Survey Desk a call on 0800 880 6264 and they will put you in touch with a surveyor local to you.

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