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Welcome to the Property Advice Newsletter
Written by Independent Chartered Surveyors
of the UK wide network of Property Professionals

Publication date: January 2018

In this month’s edition … we look at changes to Houses of Multiple Occupation rules, update our report on why we need new homes, discuss how estate agents are still falling foul of advertising standards, and think about when the gadgets we now think of commonplace were first introduced into the ‘modern’ home.

The Property Market Monthly Fact File

The property market fact file is a collection of data compiled each month by our Chartered Surveyors and the team; collating survey data, statistics, trends and information from the property market. This aims to provide a single place where anyone with an interest in UK property can find the most of the information they need.

HMO rules to include flats and single storey homes

Important legislative changes are due to take place which will affect landlords and letting agents of properties in England.


Extreme weather and lack of maintenance causing physical erosion – leading to environmental disaster in the future as landfall washes into the sea 

The inaction of authorities threatens to bring environmental catastrophe to the beautiful North Devon coastline.


Church of England claims ancient rights to the underworld

In response to changes in the Land Registration Act 2002, the Church of England, the Crown and other significant landowners (and former landowners) are exercising their right to the land beneath our feet.

Why do we need new homes (revisited)?

As the country is led in a state of panic towards the building of more and more new homes, we ask the simple question – why do we need more homes?

 New homes built on farmland outside Newcastle

Estate Agents still walking through the minefield that is advertising standards

Describing small and potentially dangerous homes that are ‘bijoux’ or ‘loved by DIY enthusiasts’ may no longer be acceptable, but estate agents are still being warned about hiding the facts.

 Liverpool waterfront

Good news for 83% of the UK’s population: the UK has not been concreted over!

A recent Ipsos MORI online survey revealed the percentage of UK land perceived by the British public to have been built on. We look at how the UK Statistic of the Year proves them wrong.

Heat network consumers asked to express their views

The Government has provided significant grant funding to local authorities to progress the development of heat networks. With disturbing reports of unreliable service, lack of regulation and even 80 year contract periods, consumers have finally been given the opportunity to express their views.

home heating control

And Finally … 

The modern home gadget – test your knowledge

Las Vegas’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018) showcased plenty of innovative smart technology – ranging from home security to cutting-edge light bulbs – but you may be surprised at how long some of the innovations around your home have been available.

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