In case you missed it: Romanian man has his entire house stolen and replaced with a field of crops

If you’re in the market for a holiday home it may be wise to avoid purchasing on the Danube Delta in Romania, after one unlucky owner returned to his, only to find it had been stolen and replaced with a field of ready-to-harvest crops.

Andy Pascali of Bucharest, Romania had inherited the 3 bedroom house, in the small village of Baldovinesti from his parents, who had built it in 1986. Mr Pascali, who had only recently had the house refurbished with a brand new kitchen and bathroom, was looking forward to a relaxing break from his life in the capital, but was shocked upon his arrival.

His holiday home was nowhere to be seen; instead a field full of ready to harvest crops was in its place.

Mr Pascali says:

“My entire house has been stolen and my neighbours have taken advantage of the opportunity to plant a field of corn instead. Absolutely incredible.”

What is perhaps even more amazing is that Mr Pascali had erected a barbed-wire fence around his house to prevent burglary. He explained:

“I had been worried about thieves maybe breaking in and stealing the television or something, and so I put a barbed wire fence up around the house for added security.”

Unfortunately, the thieves stole that as well, along with a fully operational water fountain and pond. It is believed that the perpetrators had slowly dismantled every last bit of Mr Pascali’s home and recycled it.

Mr Pascali has used his ordeal to warn others:

“’My message to anyone with a holiday home in Romania is this – it could happen to you too!”

The unfortunate case of Mr Pascali is unlikely to occur on these shores, however, it acts as an important reminder that if you wish to purchase a holiday home, abroad or not, security of the contents and the building itself, is vital. Buildings Replacement Valuations should be carried out by Independent Chartered Surveyors to make sure that you are fully insured. You can contact an Independent Surveyor via:

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