Park Home Rules Changed

The Government have, at long last, published new Regulations concerning Park Homes and their site rules. The Secondary Legislation came into force on 4th February 2014 and applies to all residential parks in England.

The full breakdown is available here, and has been summarised below.

The regulations make it a requirement for park owners to:

  1. Consult with all occupiers and any qualifying residents’ association on any new site rules.
  2. Use the procedure set out in the regulations for making the site rules (and changing and varying the site rules).
  3. Use the forms which the regulations say must be used.
  4. Deposit the site rules with the local authority.

The regulations ultimately give park owners a year from 4 February 2014 in which to follow the procedure as set out in the regulations and lodge the same with the local authority.

If park owners fail to follow these regulations within the time frame as stipulated, they will not be able to rely on existing park rules. Therefore the cut off point for complying with the new process will be 3 February 2015.

02.04.14                                                                                                                      LCB / SRJ

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