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There are, at the time of writing, 374,081 listed building entries in England, not to mention the 19,717 scheduled ancient monuments, 1,601 registered historic parks and gardens and 9,080 conservation areas. Thus it is likely that you live near to, or perhaps even inside, a listed building. Below we have provided advice to help explain how listed buildings might affect you and what you can, and can’t, do with a listed building. 

How listed buildings might affect you 

Listed BuildingIn the case of you listing your own building, the affect will not necessarily be as great as might be assumed. Listing is not the equivalent of a preservation order, preventing any change. Instead, it merely celebrates and highlights the building’s history and significance and ensures that this is taken into account when considering issues like planning permission. 

Many people are proud that their building is considered of national importance and, in some cases, listing can add real estate value. 

That said, it will mean that an application for Listed Building Consent must be granted before changes can be made which would affect the structure’s level of specific interest. The procedure is similar to that required to gain planning permission. 

The listing protection includes not only the outside, but the inside as well, and covers changes such as the replacement of windows or doors, knocking down internal walls, painting over brickwork and altering fireplaces. 

For those not owning a listed building, but living near one, it should be realised that listed buildings may be an obstacle for local planning and development. Furthermore, personal expansion of property might be hindered by the presence of a listed building on whose area you would encroach. 

With all these things, the first port of call must be with the Conservation Officer at your local authority. He or she will be in the best place to advise you on the specifics of your local area. 

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