In case you missed it… Bland meets Dull, twinned with Boring

In a sort of strange reverse psychology, the region of Bland Shire, and the towns of Dull and Boring are attempting to come together to stir up tourism, trade and general interest.

The alliance comes after a delegation from Bland Shire, a Local Authority district in Australia, visited the town of Dull, in Scotland, after hearing of Dull’s existing ties with the US town of Boring, Oregon.

The inhabitants of the two already linked places already link up via social media and politicians in Oregon have even suggested a “Boring and Dull Day” to celebrate the relationship – it would fall on August 9th, the one-year anniversary of their twinning, and involve a celebration of all things ordinary.

Bland wants in on the action and the delegation returned home pleased with their visit and prospects of future cooperation. Dot McCaskie, who works for Bland Shire Council, reportedly said:

“We’re hoping it will basically make people aware of Bland Shire, and also make people aware there are unusual names around the world.”

Gail Platz added:

“We’ve loved our visit to Dull. There is beautiful scenery and friendly people at Highland Safaris. We are very excited about teaming up with Dull and Boring.”

Plans for a Boring and Dull day have been slow to materialise however, and they may be relying on the annual event in London to provide inspiration. The third Boring Conference took place at York Hall in Bethnal Green last November, and tickets sold out weeks in advance. It featured talks on topics such as electricity pylons, yellow lines, toast, shop fronts and self-service checkouts. Anything but boring, you might say…

The three-way collaboration might not end there, with numerous other locations around the world sporting similarly banal names. Monotony Valley in Nevada might want in on the fun and Tedious Creek in Maryland may want a part of the action. If they open it up to specific locations, Yawn Street in Collins, Routine Row in Anstruther and Ho Hum Drive in Carefree (Arizona) may well become part of this worldwide network of tedium.

05/08/2013                                                                                                         SRJ/LCB

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