In case you missed it… Former pub is transformed into the most fun filled office in the UK.

A former pub in Southampton has been transformed into arguably the most fun filled office in the UK, containing a Helter Skelter, tree house, putting green, giant swing, pool table and cinema.

The office, home of global IT company Peer 1 Hosting, is the creation of office designers Space and Solutions whose brief was to transform the 17,000 square ft site into “the best place in the UK to work”.

Sarah O’Callaghan, the lead designer for the project said “It is a very young and forward thinking company. The whole space has been designed with the help of the staff”.

Sarah later went on to say “”If you don’t feel comfortable sitting at a desk you can sit on a picnic bench…The reality is that you can do your work from anywhere.”

However, the fun is not just intended for the staff and clients. The helter skelter (which runs from the first floor to the reception) is often being used during interviews. Sarah explains “It is also part of the interview process. If they don’t go down it, they are not buying into the culture of the business”

The Managing Director of Peer 1 Hosting, Dominic Monkhouse goes onto explain that anyone can use the features and that even though playing on a slide, or having a game of pool are usually unassociated with work, they can actually boost productivity.

He said “People tend to go through highs and lows throughout the day, but if you do something different for a few minutes, your performance goes up.”

As well as helter skelters and putting greens, the office also provides places to relax including a yoga area, themed lounges and a coffee bar. There is also a local pub within the office called The Sherlock Arms, named after the company founder, Gary Sherlock.

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