Change in Date for Current FIT Rate for Solar Panels could create rush to install

The current FIT (feed in tariff) rates which pay home-owners with micro electrical generating technologies, such as solar panels, will be reviewed this could lead to a rush to install over the next few months.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change have now released a document which indicates that the UK solar industry will have just two months of certainty for installations of less than 50kW before the rates are cut. This has gone against the previously confirmed situation that rates would remain constant for the full three month period up to August 1st.  

If you are considering installing solar panels (or other similar energy supplies) on your house and you would like to secure the current FIT rate, it is a requirement that you get your panels installed and registered now, before 1st July 2013 and not 1st August 2013. 

To see the current FIT scheme table showing Feed-in-Tariffs from 1st May 2013 – 30th June 2013 for photovoltaic tiles only, go to this link. To see the full factsheet from DECC that elaborates on these changes, click on this link.

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