Energy tariffs shift risk leaving vulnerable customers out of pocket

Pensioners and parents with young children and a low income are at risk of being up to £216 worse off when it comes to energy prices, as British Gas and SSE together move 375,000 customers from their ‘social’ tariffs to their standard tariffs. This comes as a result of a change in government policy.

Social tariffs are a cheaper option available for an energy firms more vulnerable customers. Cheaper energy deals are made available for over 60’s, people on low income and for those claiming means tested benefits.

330,000 British Gas customers have been removed from its Essentials social tariff, with only around half already getting the £130 yearly rebate, known as the governments Warmer Home Discount.

Those who forget to apply or simply do not qualify for the discount and are currently on a prepayment scheme using an Economy 7 meter, may find they could loose up to £216 a year.

Although British Gas, SSE and Eon are the only providers currently moving customers to their standard tariffs, with Eon offering a discount equivalent to being on their cheapest tariff, other firms such as Npower and Scottish Gas may decide to do the same.

This will undoubtedly affect thousands more vulnerable customers, who face what seems to be an ever increasing battle to afford the costs of running a home…….

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