In case you missed it…..Cowell hires ‘House Healer’ for £15m Beverley Hills Mansion

In perhaps the strangest piece of property related celebrity news in recent times, including Rooney’s architect designed garden shed, Simon Cowell has forked out for a ‘house healer’ to purge negative energy from his vast, $15m mansion in Beverley Hills.

Faced with declining ratings on his flagship television shows and broadsheet ‘revelations’ over his private life, the television mogul has seemingly decided that his poor fortunes must be to do with the aura in his home. Of course, he is reportedly dating former Playboy model Carmen Electra at the time of writing, so his fortunes could arguably be significantly worse.

Nevertheless, the possible cause of such poor energy has been firmly attributed by the healer to his overuse of emails and telephones; creating ‘electromagnetic stress’ in his home.

She is reported to have said:

‘The bad energy in his house may have had an effect on his immune system and led to him feeling ground down.

‘House healers can dissipate bad energy caused by wireless internet or the earth’s geopathic energy. This can be done remotely (Remotely? – I think at this stage we’re all thinking about how to become a house healer…) or with a divining rod. I’m not surprised someone like Simon could feel bad energy.’

The strangeness surrounding Mr Cowell’s living habits doesn’t end there, with reports of his preference for only black loo paper and a £3,000 bill per week for flowers.

Hopefully the process (which takes several days apparently) will work out and Simon will be back to his old self soon. Perhaps the most magical thing of all, though, is that this house healer is charging £125 an hour and not being laughed out of the building.

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