In Case You Missed It…… String of deaths leaves Britain’s most expensive house up for sale

After a turbulent few years for the various owners of this mountainous property overlooking Hyde Park, a truly unique prospect is up for sale. It may be a little out of most peoples’ budgets, however, with a price tag of £300 million – that’s more than twice the record successful property transaction in Britain, at £140m for 300 year old Park Place in Henley-on-Thames (sold to a Russian Businessman).

Even one of the much lauded 5% mortgages on this would require a rather hefty deposit of £15m.

The property has a troubled recent history. Previously owned by Lebanon’s billionaire prime minister Rafiq Hariri, who was assassinated in 2005, the mansion then went to Sultan bin Abdulaziz, crown prince of Saudi Arabia… a £300m gift (you wouldn’t look that gift horse in the mouth!).

Unfortunately, the Crown Prince died in October 2011, leaving the lavish property vacant and in need of a new owner.

With a most opulent interior said to incorporate millions of pounds worth of gold leaf, 68 bullet-proof windows facing Hyde Park, 45 bedrooms, an industrial sized kitchen, lifts and underground parking, it will likely be a very attractive proposition for the world’s super rich.

Other areas of Britain have also recently been shown to be extremely property rich. 185 streets in England has an average property price over £1m, with some of the most expensive being Scargate (Yorkshire), Sedley Taylor Road (Cambridge), Sandbanks (Poole), Quarry Park Road (Stourbridge) and Druidstone Road (Cardiff).

With the track history of the last two incumbents of this particular property – is anyone brave enough to buy it?

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