In case you missed it…. Builders told to ‘get on your bike!’

In a novel new idea by repair and maintenance specialist Chigwell Construction, a fleet of 15 mopeds has been purchased to allow their team quick passage through throngs of Olympic traffic.

Chigwell reputedly has numerous maintenance contracts all over London and to ensure they always provide a prompt and efficient service, the mopeds will allow them to dodge even the busiest of rush hour traffic to get on site. They are even fitted with top boxes and side vaults to store tools and materials, leaving them fully equipped to provide a ‘make safe’ service when necessary.

Managing Director Dean Floyd said: “Our staff will operate day to day repairs and the emergency night cover via mopeds if the traffic is bad.

“When we visit a job and large materials are required we will deliver these and leave them outside overnight ready for our team to return the next day.

“Operatives will then be able to carry out works the following day or at a time that is suitable with residents.”

This news came just a few weeks after organisers at the 2012 Olympic games suggested the capital’s workers should take up hobbies to alleviate some of the rush hour traffic, which looks set to reach new heights with the huge influx of people expected into the capital.

Over a million extra journeys are expected to be made each day on London’s transport system during the two weeks of the Olympics.

Transport for London’s (TFL) suggestions reputedly include rock climbing, swimming and roller-blading as active pursuits, or the theatre, museum or a restaurant for those less energetic.

Only time will tell how many people will heed their words. Will thousands take to the streets on dusty rollerblades to make their daily commute? Will hundreds more follow David Walliams’ lead and make the long commute through murky Thames waters? Somehow, we think most Londoners will be happier stuck in busy morning traffic.

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