Preparing for the winter – what can you do to fight rising energy prices?

1. Check if there’s a cheaper way to pay

Consumer inertia is a serious issue in the British economy. You are less likely to change bank than you are to get divorced! Shop around for your energy providers and make sure the plan you are on is the best for you. You could save the most money by paying by direct debit, or moving to an online or dual fuel tariff. Monthly direct debit is on average £100 cheaper per year than paying by cash or cheque.

If you pay by cash or cheque your supplier will be writing to you over the next few months to let you know if they can offer you a cheaper deal.

2. Switch to a cheaper firm

You may be able to save up to £200 on your annual bill by shopping around for a different supplier, particularly if you’ve never changed energy firm before.

An accredited switching website or phone line can help you to find the best deal – with a wider range of tariff offers which may give you a better saving than switching on your doorstep. You can also contact the suppliers directly.

3. Insulate your home to save energy and money

Every supplier is offering free or cut-price deals for loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and other measures.

Full loft and cavity wall insulation could help stop your home leaking heat and save you more than £100 a year on your energy bill.


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