The Average Briton’s Dream Home

According to research into 2000 householders by the comparison website gocompare, a four bedroom new house set in half an acre, with a sea view, is the perfect home for an average Briton. Other requirements are to have easy access to a shop, post office and other amenities within 2 miles and a town within 5 miles. Yet, on top of all that, it must be at least 10 miles from work and walking distance from that enduring essential, the local pub.

Apparently only 10% live in their ideal home, 25% are saving to try and live in their ideal home and 65% are sadly resigned to never being able to afford to live in their ideal home.

The firm’s Phil Paterson-Fox said:
“Most people aren’t talking about a huge mansion. The dream home isn’t that unrealistic. Location is key.”


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