Bubble Hotels in the ‘City of Love’ that let you stargaze in bed


A new hotel near Paris, France, offers residents a unique take on a ‘room with a view’. The establishment provides clients with a dual experience: a night of lavish comfort and a view of the stars through the ceiling of their room.

The £165 a night bubble rooms are located strategically in areas of natural beauty to enhance the advantage gained by 360º views.

Pierre-Stephane Dumas, the designer of the Bubble Hotel, says:

“For four or five years humanity has been made up more of urban people than rural people, and it seemed important to me. It makes up one of the beautiful experiences of life to spend at least one night under the stars, and so to do it under interesting conditions with an environmental approach.”

The structures have attracted much attention and Mr Dumas has been commissioned by several companies to build the bubbles for corporate events.

Of course, being able to gaze out at the stars comes at a price. One can only hope that, in a hotel room without curtains, in France, near to the City of Love itself, ramblers and passers by are kept well away from bubble hotel sites.


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