Flood resilience measures updated

Building on flood plains has to stop

New funding has been introduced by the government through the Build Back Better scheme, which will give home owners the opportunity to claim additional money towards installing flood resilience measures to their homes.

The money will be raised through the Flood Re scheme, an existing arrangement under which UK insurers pay a levy towards funding homes in flood risk areas, enabling those living there to access to affordable home insurance.

Until now, the scheme has only covered the repairs needed after damage caused by flooding, but the new grant will give people access to extra funding so that they can add additional resilience and flood prevention measures to their homes.

Such measures might include water pumps, flood guards, raised electrical sockets, non-return valves to drains or even specially designed doors, that seal to prevent water from penetrating the property. Even a toilet bung will help to protect property from rising water levels. Installing such measures could mean that, when water does enter the home, it is much easier and quicker for home owners to clean up and move back into their home, which could otherwise take several months.

The new initiative gives hope to those who live and work in the 2.4 million properties in the UK at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea. One million of these are also at risk of surface water flooding.

Chief Executive of Flood Re, Andy Borg, said: “we must throw the traditional principles of insurance to one side,” and that installing resilience measures was just as important as restoring a property to its previous condition.

The new funding of up to £10,000 will be available over and above the cost of repairing any damage caused to properties caused by flooding. Under the scheme, insurers will be able to set their own cap on the funding they will release and will also decide which measures can be installed in the property. There is a code of conduct under which home insurers are bound, that should ensure that customers are treated fairly and equally.