Enjoy finding an interesting home on social media?

Strange properties on Zillo Gone Wild

There are people who strive to create their own interesting home, while some just like to see what others have done. If you’re one of the many people who take pleasure poring over the internet to find what has been described as “property porn” – seeing what other people have done with their homes – you may have come across website Zillo Gone Wild.

Zillo Gone Wild is the brainchild of Samir Mezrahi, and in just over a year has amassed over a million followers. But the properties detailed on these Instagram and Twitter accounts are pretty far removed from what you might expect to see on a normal property website; these are some of the strangest homes you are ever likely to find, anywhere in the world.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to send their own links and screenshots of property listings that might fit the profile of the account, and credit is given to the Instagram user in the caption. If you’re interested in any of these homes, many are linked to their coinciding sales listing on Zillow.com, a popular real estate website in the United States.

Many of the properties listed are just plain weird, while others are grandiose in the extreme. There are properties with rooms entirely filled by an indoor trampoline, a fireplace suspended half way up the wall, a bathroom featuring three side-by-side lavatories, an entire home painted completely black (inside and out), mansions filled with all manner of trinkets and even one property that appears to be on fire.

No home is too weird for the site, so if you’re looking to create something a little unusual in your own interesting home, this is where to get your inspiration!