What do Chartered Surveyors do?

Get a survey on your home

The types of work carried out by Chartered Surveyors is varied. Residential Chartered Surveyors inspect properties that are in the process of being bought or sold, or where a potential problem may have been identified in an existing property. All the surveyors found on propertysurveying.co.uk are independent Property Surveyors and will be able to carry out Building Surveys or give unbiased Acquisition Advice on residential properties.

Although property surveys are not always required by lenders, who will conduct their own valuation survey, a Building Survey is highly recommended during the buying and selling process. A Building Survey will help you avoid any unpleasant and potentially expensive surprises, giving you the peace of mind to confidently purchase a property.

In addition to the Building Survey, many Chartered Surveyors can provide other services, which will vary between individual surveyors and surveying companies. These services may well include:

Structural Surveys / Snagging Reports
Single Fault Assessment
Schedule of Dilapidations
Schedule of Condition
RICS Home Buyer Survey
RICS Full Building Surveys
Building Plans
Project Management
Pre-Purchase Survey Report
Planning Advice
New Build Assessments
Mortgage Valuations
Party Wall Act
Major Elements Surveys
Major Defects Reports
Land Surveys
House Purchase Survey with Valuation
Expert Witness Reports
Drawing Plans
Dilapidations Reports
Condition Reports
Commercial Property Surveys
Building Survey
Building Reinstatement Valuations
Property Surveys
Building Insurance Valuations
Building and Land Plans
Boundary Disputes and Advice
Asbestos Survey
Acquisition Advice
Development Property Investment Advice
Strategic Property Advice
Property Law Advice
Rent Reviews

A number of other specialisms are also carried out by a Chartered Surveyor. Please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your surveying requirements with you.

If the local independent Chartered Surveyor in your area or in the area in which you are interested in buying a property is unable to carry out the required work, they will always try to help you find a fellow professional who can assist you.