The Christmas gifts that good taste forgot

Christmas house decorations

Wondering how to impress your friends and family this Christmas in the midst of lockdowns and health worries? You’re probably wondering how to ‘up your game’ when it comes to the Christmas decorations in the background of your Zoom meetings, but you don’t need to be conventional.

Why not add a little uniqueness to your yuletide celebrations with some of these ideas for Christmas home decorations? There are the inevitable facemask wearing Santas and toilet paper themed hanging decorations, but you could go a step further with a glass coronavirus bauble (£29.95 London Bohemian)

Or how about a novelty reindeer … seemingly breaking through the window. This inflatable, battery operated reindeer fits either side of a window pane, with cracked glass window sticker for added effect. (£24.99 Amazon)

Then there’s the Hanging Yoda tree ornament featuring ‘The Child’ inside a hanging bauble for a cot, based on the Star Wars: Mandalorian character. (£15.00 Disney)

There are plenty of dinosaur baubles to choose from, in many cases including Christmas hat and stripey scarf. has a range of sustainable felt dinosaurs from £5.95.

Celebrities feature in the form of baubles including The Killers, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and Mariah Carey (£16.00 Rockett St George); or you could opt for the Die Hard card bauble a hanging decoration that comes complete with a photo of Bruce Willis as John McClane. (£10.00 Etsy)

More conventional are the mini Christmas mug baubles hanging from colourful ribbons available from Emma Bridgewater £12.95, but if you’re looking for the ‘perfect mix of cool contemporary’ then you might fancy a Tarzan-themed Santa bauble for those favouring festive Kitsch (£10.00 various)

We’re sure you’re wondering what the weirdest trinket we could find was. The prize has to go to a blinking doll’s eye bauble featuring blue eyeball with moving eyelid (£26.00 Etsy)

If these weren’t novel enough for you, you could have fun making your own. The wreath in our photo was made by Helen, a lady with a fine collection of troll toys and far too much time on her hands, as well as the self-professed owner of the  ‘house that good taste forgot’!

Merry Christmas!