Sexual fantasy confusion over wrong home address

image of a house kitchen mop

As if more evidence were needed that some very strange things happen Down Under, two men have appeared in court in Australia, after a home address mix up while attempting to carry out a sexual fantasy.

In July 2019, the two men were commissioned by a man named Kevin to tie him up in his underclothes before stroking him with a broom handle. The arrangement had been detailed over Facebook for an agreed price of A$5000, if the experience was ‘really good’.

When the deal was struck, Kevin provided his home address, which was 35-37 Napier Street – but moved 30 miles away shortly afterwards, to 8 Mallee Street. The new address was given to the men.

After confusing the home addresses the two men arrived with their driver at 8 Napier Street. The pair entered the house with machetes, brought along as part of the role play fantasy. The homeowner, John, visited the toilet at around 6.15am and returned to bed, noticing that light had been switched on in the house. John assumed his friend had arrived, as he did daily to have a cup of coffee, and shouted out that it was too early.

However, when the men replied, asking whether his name was Kevin, John removed his sleep apnoea mask and turned on the bedroom light. By this time, the two men were standing over his bed, still holding their machetes. A conversation ensued during which it was established that the homeowner was not in fact Kevin. Realising their error, the men shook John’s hand and apologised with a respectful “sorry mate” before leaving the house.

After receiving a phone call from their client asking where they were, the two were then driven on to the correct address, some 45 minutes away. One of the men agreed to leave in the car what was described by their client as a ‘great big knife’ being carried in his trousers.

The police arrived to arrest the pair soon after, while the client cooked bacon, eggs and noodles.

The judge felt that the men’s actions had not been intentional and that it was therefore not a crime, saying that the “fantasy was unscripted and there was discretion as to how it would be carried out.” He said the two men had treated the shocked man well, and had been “polite and respectful”.

The men have been acquitted of entering a home armed with a weapon.