New electrical safety legislation for private rental landlords

new electrical safety rules to come into force

New electrical safety legislation was introduced in England from 1st June 2020 for private rental accommodation.

Private landlords must now ensure that ‘fixed’ electrical parts of a property are safety tested by a qualified electrician. Those items covered include wiring, plug sockets, light fittings, fuse boxes and permanently connected electrical items such as showers and extractors.

Landlords who do not comply will be liable for fines up to £30,000.

The new regulations are designed to ensure that the electricity supply to a rental property is safe and will require an Electrical Safety Condition Report from a qualified person every five years or sooner. The tenant must be provided with a copy of the report.

The regulations must be carried out prior to the start of new tenancies from 1st July 2020, and will apply to all tenanted properties from 1st April 2021.

Since 1st October 2014 is has been a legal requirement for letting agents and property managers in England to join one of three government approved redress schemes. The schemes should allow tenants to resolve problems with their landlords without the involvement of the local council. If a council is required to use its enforcement powers, the landlord’s powers to evict a tenant are reduced.

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