Home insulation grant for homeowners in England

Energy efficient heating system in the home

A £2 billion home insulation grant scheme is due to be introduced in September to encourage homeowners in England to make energy saving improvements to their homes.

The Green Homes Grant will pay two thirds of the cost of home improvements towards saving energy, such as cavity wall or floor insulation, or double glazing. The amount of grant could be as much as £10,000 for the poorest households, who will receive around half of funds available. Savings could be as high as £600 per annum and these homeowners will not be required to contribute towards the costs.

The scheme is likely to involve the issue of a payment voucher given to applicants who supply details of a quote from an accredited local supplier, following an online application. 

However, there will be no benefit to the 8.8 million households living in private or social rented accommodation. Typically these households live in homes with much lower energy efficiency standards than most homeowners.

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