How to let your buyer virtual-view your property

Virtual-view of your home

Home buyers are now allowed to view property again, but Covid-19 restrictions don’t make that easy in the average home. How can you stay the proscribed distance away from your viewers,  and how do you avoid people coming into contact with door handles, stair rails and other surfaces, which you will need to wipe down afterwards? Enter the virtual-view property tour …

Government guidelines tell us that currently the safest way to view property is to virtually-view the house. But following viewing guidance isn’t always the only issue. Geography and other factors are preventing potential viewers from being able to visit a property. Students, for instance, may not be able to travel distances to look for student accommodation.

Much of this can be avoided by setting up a virtual-view tour before you let people actually view your property. While photos might give a general  impression of your property, a live video link will allow you to answer questions directly and you can talk and walk your viewers through your property. You could also record a virtual-view walk through, providing information as you take your viewer through your home. Sharing a video on YouTube is relatively simple, and apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger allow live video calls.

House buyers are also now looking for homes that offer spaces they hadn’t previously considered important. A suitable area in which to set up a home office could well be top of the list for buyers looking to work from home in the future.

Once you have a serious taker for your property, the viewing can be arranged in person, following current government guidance, if it is still needed.

If you’re planning a house move, make sure an independent Chartered Surveyor takes a look at your prospective property and provides you with a building survey.