July 2020 Property Surveying Newsletter

In this month’s Property Surveying Newsletter … we look at planning system overhauls, discuss changes to stamp duty and discover how one householder amused himself during lockdown

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Ban on ‘No DSS’ after court judgement

A judge in York County Court ruled on 1st July 2020 that landlords cannot place a blanket ban on the rental of property to people in receipt of housing benefit.

Stamp duty changes increases pressure as housing market gets moving after lockdown

England and Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland have issued temporary Stamp Duty changes to encourage movement in the housing market that has stagnated during the Covid pandemic.

More homes on the high street with planning restrictions reducedOverhaul of planning system to ‘build, build, build’ out of crisis

The government has announced an overhaul of the planning system, in an effort to build homes more quickly and encourage building on brownfield sites.

UK’s biggest building society reduces deposit for first time buyer mortgages

The Covid pandemic caused wide disruption in the housing market and the number of mortgage deals fell dramatically from March 2020 to the beginning of July.

new electrical safety rules to come into forceNew electrical safety legislation for private rental landlords

New electrical safety legislation was introduced in England from 1st June 2020 for private rental accommodation.

Home insulation grant for homeowners in England

A £2 billion home insulation grant scheme is due to be introduced in September to encourage homeowners in England to make energy saving improvements to their homes.

mortgage prisoners unable to switch mortgage dealMortgage prisoners still banged up!

Nine months after affordability rules were reformed, it has emerged that over 170,000 homeowners are still trapped in a high interest mortgage. In fact, not a single lender has helped the mortgage prisoners access a cheaper loan!

Deposit-free renting – is it all it promises?

Have you heard of deposit-free rent? Plans were first introduced in 2017, but concerns are now being raised over whether it is being mis-sold to tenants, who do not fully understand the potential long-term implications.

St Ives in cornwall is overrun with second homes and holiday lets
St Ives in Cornwall is overrun with second homes and holiday lets

Second home owners exploiting small business grants

The government’s Covid-19 small business grants, in which businesses have been able to claim a £10,000 government grant, is being exploited by greedy second home owners.

How to let your buyer virtual-view your property

Home buyers are now allowed to view property again, but Covid-19 restrictions don’t make that easy in the average home. How can you stay the proscribed distance away from your viewers,  and how do you avoid people coming into contact with door handles, stair rails and other surfaces, which you will need to wipe down afterwards?

And finally …

Providing your landlord with a ‘virtual’ house inspection?

Asked to provide photos of his property to his rental agent, an Australian man has taken the opportunity to have a little lockdown fun. Tim Rousu was asked by his property agent to send two photos of each room for the house inspection, to ‘confirm the house was still upright’. He certainly rose the challenge!

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