Providing your landlord with a ‘virtual’ house inspection?

Providing your landlord with a 'virtual' house inspection

Asked to provide photos of his property to his rental agent, an Australian man has taken the opportunity to have a little lockdown fun. Tim Rousu was asked by his property agent to send two photos of each room for the house inspection, to ‘confirm the house was still upright’. He certainly rose the challenge!

In the bathroom he is first pictured, one foot on the lavatory lid, shaving his legs – followed by a relaxing glass of wine in the bath sporting a facepack. In the bedroom, he is pictured pinned under the bed with an outstretched arm beckoning rescue – and in the second photo being pulled out from beneath it. The dining room pictures him tied to the dining table, his daughter apparently pouring water over a facecloth covering his face. 

Virtual tour with a twist
Tim Rousu has posted his photos on Facebook

In the kitchen, he is viewed from behind raiding the fridge then with his head in the washing machine. As the photographer takes a shot of the downstairs toilet, the occupant is seen pushing the door closed after apparently being interrupted on the toilet. Leaning across the coffee table in the lounge, Tim is massaging his wife’s feet.

And, perhaps most worryingly, a view into the bedroom shows him being pursued by his lawnmower in one shot, then underneath it in the next.

Thankfully the letting agent had a sense of humour, but appreciated the genuine photos for the house inspection that were sent to them along with the fun ones.

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