A surveyor’s guide to the Snagging Survey

Roof tiles and other defects on building roof
Slipped roof tiles, missing flashing  and other external building defects will be identified during a building survey on older property

Most people will have a building survey carried out when buying older property and will be presented with a report detailing the defects within the building. But if you’re buying a new build home, why should you need a snagging survey? After all, the builder has just completed it and the building, fixtures and fittings are all brand new – surely everything will be perfect and you can live trouble-free with an excellent EPC rating and no worries. And the property developer is still on site constructing other brand new properties so will be readily on hand to immediately deal with any necessary remedial work.

Sadly, that simply isn’t the case with many new build buildings and their builders.

What is a Snagging Survey?

Known also as the New Build Assessment or New Build Snagging Survey, this is a specialist survey for new homes that will identify mistakes. 

The typical Snagging Survey will look at as much as possible, given the constraints at the time. Many things could be apparent, such as missing fire breaks, badly fitted windows or even poorly finished paintwork.

It is not unusual for numerous defects to be found, even in brand new builds.

An independent Chartered Surveyor is as an industry expert, who can highlight any potential problems, so they can be corrected. Your independent Chartered Surveyor will inspect the property and arrange for the developer to correct any defects found.

About our surveyors

This guidance briefly explains the service offered by Property Surveying Independent Chartered Surveyors. Deciding whether a Snagging Survey or New Build Assessment is the most appropriate survey for your property is individual to every client and property, so discussing your personal New Build Assessment Advice with an experienced professional is the best way to ascertain what you need.

Every Property Surveying Independent Chartered Surveyor is familiar with their local area and knows the types of property built there.

Phone us on to discuss your property with your local Independent Chartered Surveyor who will provide you with property advice and explain New Build Assessment Advice and any other options that are available, so you can make a fully considered decision.

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