Trainspotter installs railway carriage in bungalow

A four bedroom property near Chichester, West Sussex which is currently on the property market, hides a secret unbeknownst to anyone viewing from the outside. The property has been valued at £1.5 million and has a light, bright and airy interior.

However, its train-spotting owner has incorporated an entire 19th century railway carriage in such a way that from the outside of the property you would not know that the building is anything other than a modern bungalow on the seafront. The railway carriage is installed at the heart of the property and comprises a bedroom, dining room, sitting room and toilet.

The carriage, named ‘Tulip’, dates back to 1897 and hails from Delaware, America where it was built by a company called Jackson and Share. It was commissioned by Folkestone Railway and is the only one of its kind to travel to England where it was in use until 1914. By 1930, the carriage was sold but left neglected for some time before the current owners bought and restored it, making it a part of their home. It has been brought back to its former glory, with original doors and sash windows intact. But that is not all, inside the carriage still has its original decorative brass luggage racks and attendant’s call buttons. The wooden panelling inside is satinwood, mahogany and oak which give the interior a rich, warm feel.

The rest of the house is modern looking with a family dining room overlooking the spacious garden at the rear and a large sitting room. Elsewhere, there is also a large kitchen with all the amenities, a day-room, four bedrooms, three of which have en-suites, a bathroom and a veranda spread across 2,014 sq ft.

One of the bedrooms has spectacular views of the sea and the veranda provides access to the beach. All windows in the carriage overlook the sea, so you can imagine yourself travelling off to the seaside!

The bungalow is in Selsey, eight miles south of Chichester and almost cut off from mainland Sussex by the sea. There is only one major road in and out of the town which is accessible by crossing a bridge over the inlet at Pagham Harbour at a point known locally as ‘the ferry’. It is the perfect place to live if you love the sea and want to escape the hustle and bustle.

The average price of a property in this area is £313,763 according to property website Zoopla. This property may be expensive for the area but you can’t deny that it holds something rather special.

If you like the idea of a railway carriage home but perhaps not on a permanent basis, there are railway carriages available to stay in across the UK. Some sleep as many as 8-10 people and are often located by the beach. It makes an alternative stay for anyone with a love for travel and railways, so if you fancy treating a train enthusiast to an overnight stay in an interesting property …

If you’re thinking of buying an unusual property, ask a Chartered Surveyor for a building survey. A Property Surveying surveyor is available in Chichester and most other areas of England and Wales. The surveyor will look carefully at the building and any changes and can advise you regarding planning and building regulations matters.

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