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In this month’s Property Surveying Newsletter … we look in detail at Overage Agreements, find out how one landlord was fined £500,000 and discover why some London property buyers might welcome a 20% house price reduction

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Legal: Overage Agreement explained in light of recent High Court ruling

Properties and land are often sold if there is a potential for increased value with an overage agreement. Case law has recently addressed the clause that is often used: “detailed planning permission” which is not defined in a planning law sense, with defining consequences for many overage agreements.

terraced houses LondonLegal: £500,000 fine for planning offence

The highest penalty ever imposed for a planning offence in central London has been given to a landlord prosecuted by Westminster City Council , who divided his home into flats without planning permission.

Ready to embrace MMC?

A report from Parliament has said the government must ’embrace modern methods of construction or risk missing its target of building 300,000 new homes in England by the mid 2020s’.

Hyde Park London Anish Kapoor mirror sculpturePossible 20% house price reductions due to air pollution

Independent research suggests London property buyers would be happy for a 20% reduction in the price of a home in high pollution areas.

Refurbished House looks at ‘real’ sustainable renovation

There are ambitious plans to build more low carbon homes although house builders have felt little pressure from home buyers. The bigger challenge is in retrofitting existing property with sustainable renovation.

Scaffolding on housing extensionMy builder hates me – what did I do wrong?

We look at ways of keeping your builder ‘on side’ at a time when securing the services of a competent, reliable and trustworthy builder can be difficult, particularly in these heady days of housebuilding.

What is passive housing?

Climate change and our impact on the environment are likely to have a long-term impact on the planet. We look at passive housing, a concept that began in Germany and is becoming more and more popular as a way of making a contribution to saving the environment.

43% rise in empty private homes in Wales

Newly published figures from Data Cymru have shown a 43% rise in empty homes in private ownership in Wales since the earliest records in 2009/10. We look at what England, Wales and Scotland are doing about the problem.

Well maintained outdoor spaceMowing the lawn adds value to your home

A recent survey has revealed that people are dissuaded from buying or renting properties because of the condition of the garden. It seems an attractive outdoor space can beat a state-of-the-art kitchen or bathroom hands down, as it comes to light that potential buyers are even willing to pay extra to secure a home with a garden.

New-build homes falling down before they can catch fire

Home owners fear that new build homes are unsafe after part of a new build house fell away, while others look for assurance that their new build properties are free of potentially dangerous fire safety issues.

police constabulary building survey reportPeaky Blinders countryside home for sale

The fictional countryside home of one of television’s most famous criminals, the notorious Tommy Shelby, has been listed for sale on Rightmove, by order of the Peaky Blinders!

And finally …

PC brigade fell Ancient Tree because of falling pine cones

An 18-metre Scots pine tree is to be felled and removed by the Church in Sussex because of the ‘threat’ of falling pine cones. Surely a case of political correctness gone mad?

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