Mowing the lawn adds value to your home

Well maintained outdoor space

A recent survey has revealed that people are dissuaded from buying or renting properties because of the condition of the garden. It seems an attractive outdoor space can beat a state-of-the-art kitchen or bathroom hands down, as it comes to light that potential buyers are even willing to pay extra to secure a home with a garden.

Online property company, Zoopla, found that interiors were not the only factor swaying property hunters. The survey found that almost half of the people asked were put off by the condition of a garden or outside space, but also that 74% of homeowners have already considered or would consider spending money on their garden to increase the potential value of their home.

Home owners and landlords are now urged not to overlook outside spaces when marketing a property – even though it is often low on the list of priorities when it comes to home improvements.

Laura Howard from Zoopla said: “The annual weather in the UK is changeable but the requirement for a garden is steadfast. It seems that come rain or shine nothing will stand between residents and their very own slice of the outdoors.”

84% of people who took part in the survey considered outdoor space to be important, although there were variations across the country in how much people would pay for a property with a garden. Those living in the South East were willing to pay the most, at an extra £21,925 on average. At the other end of the scale, people in Yorkshire and the Humber said they would pay £9,068 for a garden.

The average spent on the upkeep of gardens, terraces and courtyards in the UK is £678 a year.

The survey asked people to rank what they considered to be the most important features of a garden and found that somewhere to sit and relax came top. Least important was having a water feature, which came last with under 1% of the vote.

Sarah Morgan of the Society of Garden Designers said: “It’s well known that Britons have a passion for gardens and gardening, so it’s not surprising that so many of us consider a beautiful outside space important in our own home. Having a garden designed by a professional garden designer can add significant value to a property but, quite apart from the overall ‘wow factor’, a good garden design can also add something really special to a home. Whether it’s a family garden to engage children with the outdoors, or a garden room to escape, relax and entertain in, well-designed gardens can truly enrich the lives of the people who live there.”

If you’re buying a property, with or without a garden, make sure you ask a Chartered Surveyor for a building survey.

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