Stranger breaks in to clean home!

image of a house kitchen being cleaned How often have you left home in a rush for work, wishing someone would clean it up before you got back? That’s what happened to Nate Roman who lives near Boston, Massachusetts in the United States, who says he returned home to the smell of cleaning fluids and his son noticed that a door which was normally open had been closed.

He called the police when he saw that his son’s normally unruly room had been cleaned and left in pristine condition. Nothing appeared to have been stolen, but it was obvious the house had been entered and cleaned in the family’s absence.

It seemed the intruder’s purpose had been purely to clean his bathrooms and bedrooms. The beds had been made, carpets vacuumed and toilets cleaned. The intruder had even folded little paper roses on the toilet paper as a decorative feature.

Strangely, the only room in the house that had not been cleaned was the kitchen, which Mr Roman described as disappointing.

Although the burglar alarm hadn’t been set, a time stamp on the door sensors showed that someone had been in the house for around 90 minutes.

It is thought the house had been targeted by a cleaning company which had accidentally visited the wrong address. The home owner based this on the quality of the toilet paper that had been left. Although he didn’t think it was funny at the time he found his house had been entered, he has since joked: “I wish someone would come clean; pun absolutely intended!”

As yet, no-one has admitted accidentally cleaning the house but as the locks have now been changed the culprit won’t be able to clean up on a regular basis.

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