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In this month’s edition … we look at the legal entitlement to make noise and overlook other properties, discuss the hidden impacts of permitted developments and discover the effects of stamp duty changes on the property market

The Property Market Monthly Fact File

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Legal: Privacy Law – Tate Modern can enjoy ‘rather splendid’ view

Residents of the spectacular glass walled apartments neighbouring the Tate Modern gallery in London have stunning views across London’s South Bank, but a relentless stream of visitors to the gallery’s top floor terrace has a significant impact on their privacy.

London buses Stepney in LondonLegal: Stepney landlady wins legal fight to make noise

The landlady of the George Tavern in Stepney, East London, has won a landmark victory to prevent any possible future neighbours from complaining about noise pollution.

Countrywide fined over money laundering failures

Estate agent Countrywide has received a £215,000 fine from HMRC for failing to ensure that policies, controls and procedures regarding money laundering are upheld within the company, including inaccurate record keeping and conducting procedures without due care and diligence.

Home Building Fund graphic

Building up under permitted development rights has hidden impacts

Five properties in London will house new rooftop modular homes that will mainly be built off site, to mitigate disturbance to current residents, before being winched into place on top of existing buildings.

Building infrastructure isn’t building houses

We look at the construction of large scale infrastructure (designed to speed up planning and other processes to enable building projects to get under way more quickly). In 2012, the measure was seen as a practical and potentially effective way of helping the economy get back to a greater level of economic activity. But does it work?

Basildon Council sells £1 million land for £1 – we’ll offer £2 (stc)!

Basildon Borough Council is planning to sell a five acre parcel of land for just £1 to a 26-year old property developer who plans to construct a 100-room four star hotel on the site.

Housing market halted by stamp duty changes

The Bank of England’s Inflation Report says that increases in Stamp Duty Land Tax have effectively ‘put the brakes’ on house sales by deterring house moves because of the additional costs.

house build defects

Government scheme lets housebuilder triple profits in six years

Negative publicity has dogged the highly profitable Help to Buy market, and the housing minister is now reviewing the continued inclusion of new build house building companies in the government’s Help to Buy scheme.

To Let estate agent boards banned in Lincoln

Complaints from local residents over the sheer number of letting signs in Lincoln’s historic quarter has led to the possible ban of ‘To Let’ boards from some areas of the city.

UK’s household debt reaches record high

After years of austerity and stagnant wage levels, household debt is taking its toll. The TUC reports that unsecured debt across Britain has reached a new high of an average £15,385 per household.

House plans for a traditional houseUnderstaffed and underskilled planning departments

The National Audit Office has delivered a dismal picture of local authority planning departments which are struggling under current house building targets. Fewer than half of authorities have produced the government’s requirement of a Local Plan that is less than five years old.

Finland’s capital rapidly lowers its homeless population

The rising homeless population of many countries has significantly multiplied since 2010. However, the issue is being tackled head on in Helsinki, Finland, with an innovative new scheme.

Self employed failing to secure a mortgage

Research has highlighted the number of self-employed sole traders, contractors and small business owners having difficulty in obtaining a mortgage – many of whom feel discriminated against.

And finally …

Property tycoon evicts a whole street in Kent

A landlord with over 700 properties in the Ashford and Maidstone areas of Kent is planning to evict all his tenants so that he can sell his £7 million a year property business and enjoy the fruits of his labours.

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