Survey reveals what home owners and tenants want

New build properties under construction
New build properties under construction

A survey of 1,000 householders aged 25 to 40 has revealed that eco-friendliness is the top desirable design feature of the home of the future, chosen by nearly a third of respondents.

The Future Home Report by Eurocell looked at future house building and design preferences.

Other popular requirements include open plan living and floor to ceiling windows, as well as a minimalist look, which were each favoured by nearly a quarter of those surveyed.

House builders take note – the survey showed that nearly half would prefer to buy or rent a home that has their preferred credentials over one that does not, with a quarter saying they would be willing to pay a little more when buying or renting a home with such features and 10% prepared to pay significantly more.

Good natural light, low noise levels and a feeling of safety and security were the most likely factors to make a householder ‘feel good’. Access to outdoor space as well as the design and layout of the home were also significant factors.

Expert opinion from architects and property developers revealed five trends identified as ‘defining the future design of homes’:

  • An advanced private rented sector model that would enable tenants to share facilities across a developer’s sites is already beginning to happen in some bigger cities.
  • The regeneration of existing buildings or near demand areas such as schools.
  • More adaptable living areas that enable multiple use of rooms as needs change, such as the ability to partition off an area or create a temporary extra bedroom when required.
  • City design trends transferring to outer city homes as people move into more rural areas after the greater restrictions of city living.
  • Modular buildings built in a sustainable way, as a result of waste reduction and construction in a more controlled environment.

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