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In this month’s edition … we look at how the budget will affect the housing market, discuss new legal rights for tenants
 and discover Essex’s role in keeping the US on track

The Property Market Monthly Fact File

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Terraced properties in SandersteadLegal: New tenant rights to sue landlord

A new bill has been passed in the Commons, enabling tenants to take legal action if their private or social rented home does not meet the minimum standards required for human habitation. The bill gives tenants new rights, and closes a legal loophole allowing landlords to get away with letting out substandard property.

Party Wall properties in CornwallLegal: Judicial guidance on Party Wall surveyor fees

To increase the habitable living space, a home owner decided to convert the attic of the property, necessitating the removal of the first floor chimney breast in the process. The work was akin to that carried out by the owner of the adjoining property, and clearly came under the remit of the Party Wall Act.

Autumn Budget housing summary

“I can report to the British people that their hard work is paying off and the era of austerity finally coming to an end,” said the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, in his Autumn Budget speech, but how will the budget changes affect the property market and homeowners?

Kensington Palace, London - Britain's most expensive streetBritain’s top ten priciest streets in and outside London

Online estate agent, Zoopla, has named the top ten priciest streets in and outside the capital. The top ten most expensive streets in Britain are all in London, although house prices have fallen by an average £4.6 million in these places.

Home owner in Land Registry dispute after discovering he owns two houses

A Leicester man has been registered as the owner of two council houses in an error. With the property market continually changing and adapting it is not surprising that mistakes sometimes happen. If you’re having any issues with property or land registry disputes, contact Property Surveying.

Rogue landlord database unusedRogue landlord database ‘not in the public interest’

Rogue landlords are back in the news this month, as the law fails to prevent convicted landlords from taking advantage of vulnerable tenants. Local authorities have the tools to enforce the law and protect tenants through banning orders, fines and the new database – they just aren’t using them.

Homes England disrupts housing market

The government’s ‘housing accelerator’ and non-departmental national agency, Homes England, has published its five-year Strategic Plan which describes how the government, working in partnership with all elements of the housing industry, plans to ‘disrupt’ the housing market.

How old is ‘too old’ to get a mortgage

First time buyers aren’t the only group struggling to find a mortgage – think mature first time buyer remortgaging to improve a current deal or moving house, perhaps to downsize, and the estimated 1.9 million people with an interest only mortgage due for final payment.

New homes dominated by car park spaces

‘A barren public realm dominated by parked cars’

The building of new homes in areas without sufficient transport infrastructure in place has contributed to greater car dependency, leaving non-drivers of all ages isolated, less active and facing more traffic, pollution and congestion, as well as longer commutes.

Young people still cannot afford even the cheapest property

Four out of ten young adults are unable to afford even the cheapest property in their home area. There are calls from surveyors and estate agents for the government to make some ‘urgent’ changes to the system of buying and selling property, that will encourage and enable young people to get on the property ladder.

And finally …

Martello Tower near Jaywick in Essex

Essex keeps United States on track

Just a stone’s throw from the popular seaside resort of Clacton-on-Sea lies the village of Jaywick, a village not unlike many others along the Essex coast on the North Sea. Jaywick may have been recorded as the most deprived area of England, but it does have a strong sense of community – as discovered this month by a United States congressional candidate.

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